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Creating good vibrations [drive]

Describe your involvement with the act of publishing: your current position and how you got involved.

Actually I became involved in publishing when I was 13 years old. At that age I started to develop all sorts of activities that relate to the arts of publishing: writing, designing, photography, illustration and printing. I did this for a wide range of non-profit clients like fan-clubs, activist groups and college magazines. By doing so I experienced a lot of the impact that publishing makes on people. Feedback to my activities was pretty close and confronting as a result of my engagement on different levels of these projects and in some cases it was enormous. So this is basically my first step into publishing, or what I call: The process of raising a voice, grabbing attention, making yourself clear and directing a response. In fact these are the roots of my activities in professional publishing and design.

From then to now has taken about 30 years in which, next to my personal activities, I did my studies in Visual Communication at different Art Colleges in The Netherlands and Germany, worked as a freelance designer, photographer and teacher, at design offices and advertising agency’s and got into art until the point where I decided to get into webdesign. This choice was not a voluntary one, but was driven by the marketsituation at the end of the nineties. I never have felt any regret for taking this step. In fact choosing to go for webpublishing has improved my life, work and activities in many ways.

Being a senior webdesigner at this point involves me in a lot of business oriented design work. My commercial activities have been basically teamwork in the context of the companies I have been working for. Next to these jobs I developed my personal activities, which include non-profit design work for print and web and my private art projects. 

Which medium do you work with and why did you choose this medium?

In my private projects I am working nowadays mainly with webbased and digital media. It fits my personal budget, the web has the potential for reaching a larger audience, I like the interactive factor and the results are part of the proces that materializes in a final product. 

What is your motivation and purpose? why did you start it? is profit a main motivation? or at least, a concern?

Enthusiasm is my main motivation for doing things. It’s part of a lust for life I inhabit. The energy derived from this essential motivation fits the purpose of making myself clear, to myself and to others, which is a continuous process of sharing ideas and experiences with others. The act of publishing is for me about connecting and communicating, about raising a feeling of belonging and to create understanding. The profit I received from my publishing activities can at best be described in terms of making new friends, exploring ideas, insights and activities, and in terms of establishing communities that fullfill real needs. 

To what extent are you in control over the production, marketing, and distribution of your publication? full, partial, no controle? describe.

In my personal private projects I am producer, author, publisher, designer, marketeer, strategist and distributor of my own publications. But then … I am not sure that a description of being in or out of control is essential. The essence of personal and private projects is always that it’s a sort of baby that you put on the planet and there it is and then it starts to live a life of its own. It grows, develops, it lives and dies. Part of that is the fact that you have to care and take care on all levels and in all instances, levels and parts of the project. But basically I guess that the control-panel is inside you, or inside the publication. Any publication or activity attracts it’s own public, sooner or later, and the only way to take your responsibility is to be clear about your intentions: To act or to publish is to raise your voice and to be authentic. 

What is the gap (if any) between what you imagine your publication should be and what it actually is?

At this stage of production [2002]: the result of what I imagined my publication [this website] to be is not online yet. There is no gap to actuality, as there is no end-product, only an idea and a prototype. The publication at hand is under development and as the outline is ready I am working on the details at the moment. This does not mean that there will be no difference between outline and outcome. There always is a difference as insights keep growing and are changing from day to day as new insights, sometimes, require new strategies. Anyway, the outcomes can differ or change, but only as long as the outline, the essence, comes through the result will feel right.

Creating good vibrations [beliefs]

Tell me about your publication. please describe it.

Creating Good Vibrations is a personal web-publication from a senior creative professional who wants to present and share ideas rather than publishing a showcase or portfolio. The content of this site is focused on firsthand experiences, inspiration, friends, people, places and things. Content is categorised and brought together under the following concepts: to enter, discover, imagine, create, enchant, prove, serve, publish, find and to connect. 

Do you believe your publication has a message? if yes, what? if no, why not?

It’s about having a passion for communication and what that means for me in the broadest sense of the word.

Do you believe your publication is a radical one?

It is radically a personal publication.

Do you consider yourself an activist of any cause? if yes, what cause or movement? is this engagement reflected in your publication?

To be active is to be alive and to position yourself into life and society. To experience this process as meaningful is a reflection of personal engagement.

What's the social relevance, if any, of your publication, do you believe it can somehow change the world?

For me there is no relevance in the objective of changing the world, only in embracing it. I believe that all activity and growth is a matter of focus and energy. Therefore I like to invest in what I believe in: friends, people, experiences, places and things. And all other sources and resources that resemble a part of me and are my inspiration. My project is therefore also meant as a tribute and an acknowledgement.

Are you part of a network? can you describe your role in the network?

No, in the sense that I do not belong to a specified group. Yes, in the sense that I am aware of my connectedness to other species, beings and situations. My roles differ from time to place, from context to goals, ad infinitum.

Creating good vibrations [communicate]

Does graphic design play any role in your project? if yes, which, if not, why not?

Yes, a supportive role as a provider of space, direction and identity. 

Does internet play any role? how?

It is an internet project, so it is obvious. 

Do you make use of (other) professionals to develop your project?

No, at least the lesser the better.

Creating good vibrations [logistics]

How old are , male or female, profession.

45 years old [now 48], male, designer

When did you start? did you have any previous experience? have done it before?

I started to be a professional designer in 1986 after my studies. Read More about my previous experience at DRIVE

Where are you located/based?

Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

How many people do you work with on your project?

I develop and produce the project alone, but several people help me by testing it out as well in a technical as a conceptual sense. 

How do you fund your project? Are you supported by any specific group/company/corporation?

I fund it myself by investing all of the spare time I can bring into the project.

How do you distribute it? Do you sell it?

I distribute the project on the Internet. It’s not sold for money, but visitors pay me for my efforts with their attention and by sending me their responses. 

Who is your public? any target group?

Everybody who pops in or pop ups at my site through links and search engines or otherwise. If there is any target group specified it must be you, who is actually reading this text. Which means anyone who may be concerned. 

How many people do you reach?

Considering webstatistics of earlier projects: from 1000 to 3000 visitors a year as a start.
[ In 2003 statistics showed more than 950 unique visitors each month ]

How do you advertise/publicize your publication? Internet/ ads/ mouth to mouth?

I use various strategies to gain attention for my project. Some regular, some unorthodox.

Are you a not-for-profit organisation? how do you make a living?

No, personally I am not an organisation or non profit in the usual sense (See DRIVE). As a professional I am not against profit in the usual sense, I make a living as a professional and I am proud of it. It means happyness on all levels.

How many hours per day/month/year do you spend on your publication?

All the spare time I can get, step by step, one by one, etcetera. This goes on until I reach a certain level of complexity in the outcomes. From that point the project is no longer an experiment. Anything can happen when the project goes beyond that level. It might be the end or the start of something new.

Interview by Giselle de Oliveira Macedo 2002

Giselle is working on To Publish Or Not To Publish
a researchproject at the Jan van Eyck Academy.

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