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What is Trash?

98% of graphic design is trash. The other 2% is sanctioned into designersheaven. Ever talked about trash with your local trash collector? There is much more value in trash than you ever imagined. Trash is our natural environment. Be aware of that and once in a while: Go out and collect some trash! Get rich by becoming inspired and humane!

Huub Koch | The education of a Typographer

Furniture sales poster.

CASE 1: Most sources for inspiration can be found on the street. Such sources might seem a cliché and the dull stuff we know all-ready too much. But such references can be used as the inspiration for a new assignment. 

Of course, we and the public, have seen this before... but the real strategy is to make the viewer look twice. When the viewer suddenly understands that the known is turned into the unknown, the target, the viewers perception mode is hit... by surprise.

Rolling Stones Album Cover.

CASE 2: This is how The Rolling Stones use trash as inspiration. In this case, for their album Some Girls. The imagery is mundane and refers to yellowpage advertisement and other low budget and subcultural design language.
Note: All The Albumcovers of the Rolling Stones are very carefully produced, by the greatest graphic designers in this world.

CASE 3: This posterdesign, by a very famous italian designer, (hmmm, what was his name ...? I just forgot) is evidence to the idea that the art of collage can bring several mainstream elements together to create a new vision on a specific subject, and make us, again, be surprised and respond to such strategy by experiencing a very, very, big smile on our faces!

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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